27 November 2017

Thanksgiving and a whole lot of catching up

Guys, it is January and I am feeling very behind and overwhelmed with this blog! There is not a whole lot of new material now that we go through the same routines and go on the same vacations with the same cast year over year. I am at a dangerous precipice where, if I don't catch up now, there will be no going back. Now that the crazy holiday season is behind us, we are kicking off some *new!* projects and I've decided to dive back in to sharing our daily nitty gritty. You're like, sooo lucky.

Some housekeeping items. I am going to backdate these posts to when I should have written them so as not to muck up my blog history. They will also be more frequent because they are probably going to be short, like this first one for Thanksgiving. Frankly I can't remember much about it now that it was nearly two months ago, so I'm going to throw my pictures up here and call it a day. We hosted my friend Jessica as well as Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Lizzie, Uncle Chris, Cousin Owen, Uncle Berg, Aunt Karen and Jayden!

Twas the night before Thanksgiving 
and all through the house
The to-do list was set 
(typical of my spouse).
The food and the recipes
their times to be cooked
The pots and the pans
with post-its were booked. 

Hahaha. No seriously everything was labeled. If Jason had a schedule to hand out, we all would have had a copy. No messing around. Grandpa was put to work:

And we had some parade watchin':

Some turkey preppin':

Some toastin':

And some table settin':

We didn't reinvent the wheel with our recipes - we had made them all before and everything was delicious. If your menu ain't broke...although my sweet potatoes came out terribly. They were forced to cook in our convection oven and it just didn't work :( Luckily we had a stupid amount of food and there was no shortage of other things to gorge ourselves on. 

So that was Thanksgiving! Initial pounds put towards overall holiday weight gain: 2. Onward!

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