31 July 2011


Hi Everyone,

So we thought about how to best share this next week(s) and decided that a blog format would be best. That way, people can check in on us if and when they want to. We plan to share any updates, hospital notifications, pictures, etc. Hopefully this ends up working out beautifully! And now for the first post...

It's Sunday morning. My official last day of work was last Friday (wow), I spent yesterday in 6 hours of breastfeeding and newborn essentials classes, and today I feel like the wait begins. Basic facts: I am due this coming Friday, August 5th. For the past couple of weeks I have been walking around 2 cm dilated and 100% effaced. For those that aren't familiar, it basically means the baby has indeed been getting ready to come out (nice to know I won't be pregnant forever) and my OB said she wouldn't be surprised if I go early (words that are just a guess though, of course). The plan now is that if I make it to my next appt, this Thursday, August 4th, she will try a natural technique to stimulate labor. If that doesn't work, they will induce me with pitocin on Monday, August 8th, and therefore that will be the latest our baby's birthday could be. Either myself or Jason will continue to update this blog through everything.

Let's see, what else is worth mentioning. We are having a boy, and if you see the name Fred Benson, or Fred, Freddy B, etc. on this blog, that is what we have been calling him for the past several months (after Fred Benson Town Beach on Block Island). We currently have two or three names we like but are waiting until he is born to finally pick one.

My first attempt to put myself into labor was last night. We went out and got spicy chicken wings. Clearly nothing happened otherwise I would not be typing this this morning. Fred is still very much at home where he has been for the past nine months and showed no sign of being the least bit phased by buffalo sauce. I didn't even get heartburn or indigestion. Sigh.

And so Sunday begins, off to do some errands, finish everything in the nursery, clean up the house, and wonder if today will be the day!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I am so thrilled you started a blog and can't wait to read all about baby nill :). We can't wait until his arrival!

  2. Of all people guess whos blogging. It soon to be GrandPa B.K&J thanks for all the info and pics. K I have the 3rd in rhe pool, what do you think? J the room looks great but dont see any Yankee stuff around . Well I guess Ill have to fix that.stay well.love yas